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Hello world! was built and designed as an information trading post for the computer enthusiast (the hacker), telephony technophiles (the phreak), radio junkies (the HAM), and anyone else with technologically-related interests. The services offered are 100% legal, and free to use by anyone anywhere. Telephreak operates with one goal in mind: To use free speech and software to encourage learning and open discussions.

There are several ways to use Telephreak services from around the world. Check out our DID page (Direct Inward Dials), our gateway page and the VoIP page (Voice over Internet Protocol) for more information. With so many free ways available to access the Telephreak PBX system, there’s no reason to not check it out!

Telephreak’s primary services include free voicemail and conferencing. The conferencing system (Option 2) allows people from across the globe to communicate on a variety of topics, and just generally socialize.

The Telephreak systems also does much more than voicemail and conferencing. But you’ll have to dial in to find out all the capabilities of the system.

Besides voicemail and conferencing, there are many other services offered on Telephreak. The BBS system, based on traditional, non-web “old-school” stylings, can be accessed on “” via telnet or SSh. If SSH is being used, user name is “bbs” without a password. Conversations range from X.25 networks to VoIP to Unix, among many other things.

We also offer a public and semi-public shell servers. Public access systems like The OpenVMS Deathrow Cluster are freely available to use. Semi-public servers running Linux (Gentoo) require we know you before we give you access to our systems.

There’s several way to contact us. Probably the most popular is the #telephreak IRC channel on Many people hang out in the #telephreak channel and chat about various topics. Of course, we also hang out on the Telephreak PBX (generally during the evening/USA time) in the “general conference” area (# 2 on the Telephreak PBX IVR). You can also leave us voice mail on the Telephreak PBX at extension 0.